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Ask Phillip - Was 'Church' a NT Invention?

Was 'church' invented in the New Testament? Phillip Jensen says, no, the model for church actually comes from the Old Testament when, in Deuteronomy 9:10, all of Israel gather together around Mount Sinai to hear the Word of God. He goes on to talk about how gathering together with God is a sign of blessing and stems from God's own nature as a relational God, three persons in one.

Length: 4mins

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In "Ask Phillip" Phillip Jensen answers tricky questions in 5 minutes or less.

Phillip Jensen is a leading Australian evangelical and previously ministered at University Church, New South Wales, the St Matthias Group of Churches and Sydney Cathedral. He now works with Two Ways Ministries and also regularly speaks at national and international churches and conferences, where he continues to model preaching the gospel by teaching the Bible. Check out further videos and free resources from Phillip Jensen at