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Ask Phillip - Why Are You Anglican?

Why are you an Anglican? Phillip Jenson gives three reasons: theology, mission and (in his Sydney-based situation) culture. He discusses each one of these in turn, saying his is Anglican by conviction as he agrees with the theology expressed in the Anglican, Book of Common Prayer and 39 Articles, that Anglicanism gave rise to evangelicalism because of its theology of justification by faith alone and the authority of scripture and that finally, Anglicanism has had a huge impact on Sydney's culture; in schools, in welfare and in setting up the Moore Theological College.

Length: 5mins

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In "Ask Phillip" Phillip Jensen answers tricky questions in 5 minutes or less.

Phillip Jensen is a leading Australian evangelical and previously ministered at University Church, New South Wales, the St Matthias Group of Churches and Sydney Cathedral. He now works with Two Ways Ministries and also regularly speaks at national and international churches and conferences, where he continues to model preaching the gospel by teaching the Bible. Check out further videos and free resources from Phillip Jensen at