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2 Samuel 9 | God's Kindness To His Enemies | Dominic Steele | 22nd August 2021

The very heart of the kingdom of God.

At first glance it's a reasonably straightforward story, God's king provides social security for his friend's son, his enemy's grandson.

But if you look a little closer and in context - you see this chapter is the high point of the fortunes of the Kingdom of Israel. And the high water mark of the actions of the King of Israel. This is God's king functioning at his absolute best. And Q. What does he do? A. Extend covenant love/kindness to his enemies.

This is enormously significant. Because at heart, we are God's enemies. And we are the people who God invites to sit at banquet with.

Join us today from Village Church Annandale as Dominic Steele opens up an amazing chapter of the life of King David."

Length: 27mins

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