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Lift Up My Eyes by Rivers and Robots

A video made from videos created by Rivers and Robots fans. From the album 'The Eternal Son'

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Length: 5mins

Waking up to the sunrise

To the golden light and blue skies

I'm in awe of creation

Of Your glory and salvation

All around, it is true, creation's crying out to You

With songs of joy and hymns of praise

To the one who made all things




So I turn away now from all worthless things

I will lift up (lift up) my eyes (my eyes)

And I choose to look on the beautiful king

I will lift up (lift up) my eyes (my eyes)




When I'm lost in the darkness

When I feel so weak and helpless

You're my rock, You're my fortress

You're the peace when I feel restless




When my enemies surround

You're my firm and solid ground

In the flood, or on the sea

Like an ark You carry me




Oh, with storms all around

My feet upon the solid ground

I will not be shaken 'cause I know that




You, You are, You are

All that I needed

And You, You are, You are

All that I wanted

And You, You are, You are

The only one that satisfies me


That satisfies me



I will lift up my eyes"