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All Around the World - Awesome Cutlery

Some people believe in him

Some have never heard of him
Others think that he's not even real
Everything was made by him
Everything was made for him
He is number one above all things
All around the world
All the boys and girls
People from every tribe and tongue
Jesus is the Lord of everyone
When he came into our world
God in all his fullness dwelled
In a man, but no-one understood
They tried to get rid of him
But death could not hold him in
He's the Lord of life, he is alive!
All around…
He's the Lord, he is the King
He's the boss, but here's the thing
Have you bowed the knee before his throne?
One day he'll come back again
Everyone will see him then
Every knee will bow before the Lord

Length: 4mins

Awesome Cutlery is all for Jesus. Our album, featuring the dubiously-skilled superheroes Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy, has 12 songs to help families and churches worship God together. For downloadable music and lyrics visit

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