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2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11 - The Abundant Love I have for You - Village Church, Sydney - Sermon

04 Nov '18 Dominic Steele - In this sermon we’re thinking about what it is to act with Godly sincerity and purity and how not to be a ‘yes and no’ guy because God isn’t a ‘yes and no’ God. Plus we discover the deep love the Pastor has for his people and the key to church discipline. Join us live as Dominic Steele opens 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11.

Length: 44mins

Village Church Annandale is based in Sydney and is committed to teaching the Christian Faith as set out in the Bible. It's our desire that Village Church will build each of us up as disciples of Christ; help us to read his word daily and hear God’s word taught faithfully each Sunday. We aim to worship God at church and in every aspect of our lives. For more information and other resources go to our website.

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Keywords:sin, love, discipline, just, a just god, justice,