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A Pregnant Mother's Struggle with Cancer - Go Chatter

A few days after Sarah's 12 week scan she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Sarah shares the concern she felt being pregnant and having to deal with the chemotherapy. Despite it being a confusing, tough time, she also shares how this struggle has actually led them as a family to rely on God more. And how it's caused them to look forward with renewed confidence to an amazing eternal future where there will be no crying, sickness and cancer.

Length: 6mins

Go Chatter is all about creating & sharing bitesize videos that in turn get people talking about Jesus. The thing about good news is you naturally want to share it! And as Christians we believe who Jesus is and what he has done is infinitely good news. Some of our videos are linked to current events or trending topics. Some have a seasonal emphasis. Others feature someone’s life-story. But we want them all to show how this good news of Jesus makes sense of our world and brings hope to our lives. And by making our videos bitesize and engaging we hope they can be shared and watched really easily.

It can often be tricky knowing how to share the good news of Christianity with our friends, family and neighbours. And yet sharing content on social media has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. That’s why we want to create a hub of bitesize videos that might make someone think or get under someone’s skin in a way that they totally didn’t expect.

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