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FIEC: Growing as a Leader - Best Books to Read

Books can be a great help to our leadership. In this discussion, Ray Evans, Paul Rees and Michael Teutsch share some recommendations of the best books on leadership they've read.


Some questions for further thought or discussion:

1.What are your top three leadership books? What lessons stand out for you?

2. “The best book to read is the Bible,” as the song goes. What are the most significant lesson have you learned from all that it says about leadership?

3.Have you checked out the resource ‘5 Voices’? Try the web site and the descriptive analysis. What do you learn about yourself and others?

Length: 6mins

'Growing as a Leader' is an informal discussion about church growth and leadership between three experienced pastors: Ray Evans (Grace Community Church Bedford & FIEC Church Leadership Consultant), Paul Rees (Charlotte Chapel Edinburgh)and Michael Teutsch (Highfields Church Cardiff).

The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches exists to encourage and equip independent churches to thrive, impacting Great Britain with the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information please visit their website:

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