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Cling to Christ by Sovereign Grace Music

From the album 'Sooner Count the Stars' (Lyric Video)

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Length: 4mins

Father, I can come to You
And boast of deeds I’ve done 
In my pride I strive to earn
The favor Christ has won 
He alone pleads my acceptance
All my works aside 
So I come with empty hands
And I cling to Christ  

Father, I can go astray 
And battle needless fears 
Voices tell me I’m condemned
And that I can’t draw near 
But Your Spirit calls me homeward 
With Your words of life 
Jesus bore my every sin
So, I cling to Christ 
It’s more than I can do 
To keep my hold on You 
But all my hope and peace 
Is that You cling to me 
Father, all my earthly aims
In time will turn to dust 
Let me learn that loss is gain 
For those who know Your love 
All the treasures of this world 
Will never satisfy 
You alone are endless joy
So, I cling to Christ 

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