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Engaging with Islam Course 4: The Basic Beliefs of Islam

When Muslims put forward their convictions, they normally put forward 6 basic beliefs:


1. One God

2. Angels, Kimm & Satan

3. God's Revealed Books

4. The Prophets of God

5. The Day of Judgment 

6. Divine Predestination


In this session Samuel Green helpfully unpacks what these mean.

Length: 23mins

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"The 'Engaging with Islam' Course provides training, encouragement and advice to prepare Christians to share and defend the gospel with Muslims. This 12 session course is designed to give Christians a practical introduction to the history and teaching of Islam and a foundation for evangelism and answering common questions. The course can be done individually, in a small group or as a class situtation. Each session comprises a discussion of homework completed, watching a video and then further group questions on that video content. Please download the free printable handouts for each session (homework tasks and discussion questions on the homework and video)."


Keywords:Islam, Muslim, Evangelism, Qur'an, Hadith, Pillars, Muhammed, Trinity,