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Acts 8:1-8 & 11:19-26 - Scattered - Christ Church Newland - Sermon

19 Nov '23 Gerard Charles - The early church becomes ‘scattered’. Rather than this being an upset to a comfortable life - ‘scattering’ is part of God’s sovereign plan for salvation rooted in the Old Testament as image bearers go out and are fruitful.

Length: 17mins

Christ Church Newland in Hull is a multicultural family of Christians from all walks of life. We love our great Saviour Jesus Christ and try to live with him in charge of our lives as we learn from God’s word, the bible. We meet every Sunday at 10:30am. The church runs groups for children and youth as well as programmes for students, graduates, working people, mums and toddlers, retired folk etc. For more info, location, and other resources see the church website:

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