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Chapter 27 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels; Gospel of Luke: Dr. David Capes

Dr. David Capes guest taught a lesson in Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. Dr. Capes addressed the question of eschatology.

  1. What is eschatology? Derived from two Greek words that mean final things. A branch of theology that deals with end times. It has individual and cosmic meanings.
  2. A review of: Luke 11:20; Luke 12:13-21; Luke 19:11, and Luke 17:34-37
  3. Conclusions drawn: this world is the realm of redemption; life is not about all the stuff, and the kingdom is already, but not yet.

Listen to Dr. Capes discuss eschatology with passages from Luke; what end times means for the Jew and the Christian, and the danger of allowing our possessions to possess us.

Length: 54mins

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Accompanying notes for this, and other episodes can be found here.

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