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Chapter 5 - Snapshots of Jesus as Seen Through the Gospels; Gospel of Mark - David Capes

Dr. David Capes continued as guest teacher in the Snapshots of Jesus series from the Gospel of Mark.

Today’s focus was How do you see Jesus? In the Gospel of Mark ,we see Jesus locked in conflict. In chapters 5 and 6, we see three accusations and Jesus’ response to each.

  1. Friend of sinners. Those who are well have no need of a physician.
  2. Lord of the Sabbath - the sabbath was made for man.
  3. Has all authority in heaven and earth.

Listen to Dr. Capes share how culture and age affect how Jesus was praised, criticized, and condemned because the people didn’t understand His mission.

Length: 50mins

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Accompanying notes for this, and other episodes can be found here.

Biblical Literacy is a class taught on Sunday mornings by W. Mark Lanier in Texas, US. Mark is a top 10 US trial attorney who also holds a B.A. in biblical Languages.