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Father You are King of Heaven - Awesome Cutlery

Father, you are King of Heaven and greater than us all
Everything is in your hands from huge right down to small
Sometimes I forget that I can't do things on my own
Please now help me pray to you, and trust in you alone
It's like an earthworm trying to press-ups
Like a potato trying to swim
Like a mountain trying to brush its teeth
When we don't rely on him.
When we pray we trust our Father,
That's what Jesus said
So I'll stop trusting in myself and pray to God instead
Father, help me now to pray and spend some time with you
Father, you are always good in all you say and do
Sometimes I forget that I can share what's on my mind
Please now help me pray to you, knowing that you are kind
It's like an earthworm…

Length: 3mins

Awesome Cutlery is all for Jesus. Our album, featuring the dubiously-skilled superheroes Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy, has 12 songs to help families and churches worship God together. For downloadable music and lyrics visit

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