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Glen Scrivener Spoken Word: Radical, Getting to the Root of Extremism - Speak Life

Who is a radical? The killer or the one who forgives? The shooter or the one who takes a bullet? The truth is the world needs extremists - people extremely devoted to love, forgiveness and the way of Jesus. Glen uses 'spoken word'- a powerful poetic format to convey deep truths in a modern way.

Length: 4mins

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Glen Scrivener and Speak Life seek to lift high the name of Jesus in the UK and beyond, to revive Christians, resource the church and reach the world with the good news of Jesus. For over 60 years The Hour of Revival (now 'Speak Life') have been speaking life to a perishing world. “Evangelism through revived Christians” was the way their founder, Eric Hutchings, put it.

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