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Live - Keswick Convention 2019 - 17 July 9.30am - Lecture 1 - Longing: Ours, Theirs and Everyone’s

It is curious that in our deeply divided world, humanity seems easily able to reach consensus that 'things are not as they should be'. Our problem lies in our failure to agree on the 'what should be' bit. For followers of Jesus, the Great Commission is a vital part of 'what should be' - good news of great joy shared with the whole world! Yet enthusiasm for it, and the language used to articulate it, has shifted constantly through church history. 'Longing', as both word and paradigm, brilliantly captures an underappreciated but powerful aspect of God’s design for global mission.

Jason Mandryk was born, grew up, and studied in Canada before moving to the UK to join the Operation World team. For 20 years, he has served through multiple editions and publications of this ministry, as researcher, editor, author, and team leader. He is thrilled to minister in an exciting time when we are seeing the increasing convergence of information, prayer, and mission. He also enjoys being outdoors amidst God’s created grandeur; Keswick allows the best of both passions!

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'Essentials' Evangelistic Course: Learn the Diagram

The Essentials course has a diagram that you can learn yourself and then scribble down to summarise the gospel when talking to non-Christian friends. Here is a video of the diagram being drawn.

Most of us would like to believe that there is more to life than just what we can see or touch. The idea of living in a pointless universe without a personal God giving us purpose and protection is a frightening prospect to many. Whereas the possibility of belonging to and being loved by a caring God is absolutely thrilling. But how can we know the truth? In Essentials, Lee McMunn argues that to know the truth we need God to engage us in conversation. Lee looks at what Jesus says about God in the Bible, and explores what it means to have relationship with Him.

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Length: 4mins

'Essentials' is a new evangelistic course of 5 short films each with a printable small group study. Presented by Lee McMunn, 'Essentials' explores the heart of the Christian faith in a down to earth and accessible way.

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