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By Kings Kaleidoscope

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Length: 5mins

A torrent of destruction hid
My darkened soul from rescuing
I cried to God for help, he heard my voice
The tainted earth, it rocked and reeled
The heavens bowed, the mountains kneeled
The thunderous voice of God my covering
I will not be afraid
For my hope is in his name
Who is a rock but our God
Who’s blood has sealed our freedom
Jesus, our savior, defender, redeemer
He brought me to a safer place
Equipped my hands and feet with strength
So I advance with confidence in Christ
His precious truth delivers me
From lies that wage a war in me
Your victory is mine for all my days
You kneel down to raise me up
You my Lord, you my God
You rescue me with reckless love
Oh my Lord, oh my God

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