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Keswick '14 - Vaughan Roberts 4: How can I change?

Romans 8: 1-17 Life's Big Questions - The main talks from the Keswick Convention 2014.

Length: 55mins

In Romans 1–8 Paul introduces us to the heart of the Christian message. These magisterial chapters address some of the big questions of life, but their aim is certainly not simply intellectual or theoretical. The apostle had a very practical goal in writing, as he sought to encourage the Christians in Rome to support him in his missionary work and apply the great truths of the gospel to their lives, both individually and as a community. Whether this part of the Bible is familiar to us, or completely new, let us pray that the Holy Spirit would use it to expand our minds, warm our hearts and challenge our wills.’

VAUGHAN ROBERTS studied law at Cambridge University before a brief spell in South Africa where he was involved in student ministry. He subsequently trained for ordained Anglican ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and since 1991 he has been on the staff of St. Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, where he is now Rector. Vaughan is the Director of The Proclamation Trust, and he is also a founding member of 9:38, an initiative that encourages people to consider the possibility of gospel ministry. Vaughan has written a number of books, and in his spare time he enjoys playing cricket, tennis and golf.