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Keswick '12- Jeremy McQuoid 2: Integrity- What it Is, and How to Get it

1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Living Today In The Light Of Tomorrow - The main talks from the Keswick Convention 2012

Length: 51mins

Living Today in the Light of Tomorrow
1 Thessalonians is a very personal, pastoral letter from Paul to a young church which he planted in the midst of persecution, but which he had to leave in a hurry.  Paul isn’t dealing here with great theological themes like justification or predestination.  He writes, on the one hand, to defend his own integrity against various slanders, but also to encourage these young, persecuted, raw Gentile converts, whom he delights in, to continue growing in Christ, despite the opposition.  He calls them to a faith that leads to good works, a genuine love for each other, and sexual purity in a pagan culture, all set against the background of a fervent hope in the Second Coming of Christ.  1 Thessalonians is no dusty, theological tome.  It is an urgent, practical, relevant, passionate call to live our lives, as individuals and as churches, in the light of Christ’s imminent return! Jeremy McQuoid is Teaching Pastor at Deeside Christian Fellowship, a growing independent evangelical church in the suburbs of Aberdeen. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Divinity School in Illinois, and his Doctor of Ministry degree in preaching from Gordon-Conwell Seminary near Boston. In addition to his weekly preaching and teaching ministry at Deeside, he speaks at conferences, and is particularly interested in training young men in preaching and church leadership. His first book, How to Set Your Heart on Fire, was published in 2006. Married to Elizabeth, a trustee of Keswick Ministries, they have 3 boys- Mark, Daniel and Nathan.