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Keswick '14 - Chris Sinkinson 5: The Gospel and your Future

1 Thessalonians 4: 13 - 5: 11 The Return of the King.

Length: 30mins

In our series of Bible readings we will set out on a hike through the winding trail of Bible history. Our journey will begin in the mists of ancient past with the origins of human beings and our fall from grace. We will trek through the exodus at the time of Moses, the building of the Temple in the days of King Solomon and the fall of Jerusalem as the people were taken into exile. The great peak of our travel will be the mission of Jesus Christ and from that great vantage point we will glimpse the future and what the Bible describes as the life that is still to come. This Bible overview brings together the single story that ties Genesis and Revelation together. The Bible readings will provide reasons to believe that this is not just a good story, but that it is the true story. It is the real meaning of history and, in its light, will make sense of our personal lives too!

Chris Sinkinson has been involved in local church-based ministry in Canterbury and Bournemouth. He is now pastor of Alderholt Chapel near Salisbury. Having studied Theology at Bristol University he is part of the teaching team at Moorlands College on the south coast. His interests in the background to Bible history have motivated him to lead a number of tours to Israel and be part of an archaeological dig in Galilee. Chris has recently published a book on apologetics with IVP, ‘Confident Christianity’. Married to Ros, he has two lively and energetic boys, Thomas and Toby who love rambling in the great outdoors.